Sandwich recipe!

Hey y’all, I made this pretty yummy sandwich for a lunch, so thought I would document it and share!  

 Used this flatout hungry girl flatbread that I got at walmart, which is only 90 calories! 

 I got this horseradish dip at my local apple orchard, but I’m sure you can find something similar at your grocery store. This is super yummy and adds a nice zing of flavor!  

 Yum yum! 

 Add some green stuff so you feel healthy! I used the market side baby spinach from walmart. 

 Used some Cajun turkey breast from the walmart deli, I think it was butterball brand?  

 Sliced up some of this bomb cheese, if you haven’t tried this cheese you are missing out! So good! 

 Fold it over and enjoy! I ate it with the bag of bones hot cheetos! So yummy, flavorful, and simple!


Kirkwood Popcorn Chicken Idea

Hey there! I was about to cook up some lunch and decided why not share my way to prepare it, so here it is! I buy this yummy, inexpensive Kirkwood Popcorn Chicken at Aldi, and I love it! The first thing I do is put it on a plate and microwave it so that it’s warmed all the way through.  

   At this point you could go ahead and eat them, since it’s fully cooked already, but they have a sort of spongey texture, so I like to take it a step farther, now that it’s microwaved I put it in a pan with butter, and franks hot sauce, and fry them until they are covered in sauce and crispy! 

Ta-dah now you’ve made a quick, cheap lunch/dinner. I love to cook this when I’m just cooking for  myself, but it would also be a great dinner! I was eating it for dinner this time so I cooked up some pasta with butter, cheese, and balsamic vinegar glaze! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it’s pretty simple but I know I enjoy reading about easy things like this that I might not have thought of!