Label Shopper HaulĀ 

Hi! I wanted to share the items I got at label shopper (it’s a store similar to gabes).  

 I was going back to return some thing my husband didn’t fit, and he wanted more of this style shirt, I had bought one the wek before for. $8.99, so I was super excited to see that these where on sale for $4.00! 

 I got a robe for myself, I love the length of this one and it’s super soft! One thing that is annoying about this store is that the tags might not say the actual price, the tag in the robe said. $16.99 and it rang up for $8.49. It’s a nice suprise, but still annoying to not truly know how much the item is until you check out. Also I bit this cute green shirt, it’s sort of a dressy material.  

 Let’s just talk about these shirts for a minute, I love them! They are super cute , and just a nice solid colored tank to have cause you can wear it with so much ! I had bought a grey one the first time I came here, and I fell in love so I knew I had to look for more when I came back! I got two more in black, and dark blue! I love these shirts they fit so nice, I love how they are cinched in at the top then just kind of flow out at the bottom into a more boxy look! 

 Sorry it’s a crappy angle , but here us what te shirt looks like on . I think it’s very flattering on my shape, and I just love it!

Well that’s all I got this time around, hope you enjoyed reading!