Label Shopper HaulĀ 

Hi! I wanted to share the items I got at label shopper (it’s a store similar to gabes).  

 I was going back to return some thing my husband didn’t fit, and he wanted more of this style shirt, I had bought one the wek before for. $8.99, so I was super excited to see that these where on sale for $4.00! 

 I got a robe for myself, I love the length of this one and it’s super soft! One thing that is annoying about this store is that the tags might not say the actual price, the tag in the robe said. $16.99 and it rang up for $8.49. It’s a nice suprise, but still annoying to not truly know how much the item is until you check out. Also I bit this cute green shirt, it’s sort of a dressy material.  

 Let’s just talk about these shirts for a minute, I love them! They are super cute , and just a nice solid colored tank to have cause you can wear it with so much ! I had bought a grey one the first time I came here, and I fell in love so I knew I had to look for more when I came back! I got two more in black, and dark blue! I love these shirts they fit so nice, I love how they are cinched in at the top then just kind of flow out at the bottom into a more boxy look! 

 Sorry it’s a crappy angle , but here us what te shirt looks like on . I think it’s very flattering on my shape, and I just love it!

Well that’s all I got this time around, hope you enjoyed reading! 


Gabes Shopping Haul

Hi guys! I went shopping yesterday at Gabriel brothers (gabes) and I wanted to share what I got, so here ya go! 

I’ve been needing a dressy shirt so I picked this up. I love the color and the cute lace shoulders! 

 These are all kids clothes that we got for my husbands grandkids, all of the shirts are 2t or 24 months, and the leggings are size 7-14. Great deal for all of these because they where part of the sidewalk sale!  

 These are pants I got for myself, such dang good prices! Even at walmart the workout type pants are $12-15! I’m in love with the orange Capris, and the grey and pink are regular length look so good on! I actually got the real tree pants for a friend for Christmas (early planning) but when I got hope I tried then in myself and I knew thy wouldn’t fit her, so I kept them.  

 Panties!!! Cute panties 3 for $7.99, what else can I say? Love them. The lace pairs on the let said suggested retail was $33, what a steal! And I got the ones on the right because I’m not into wearing things anymore but I hae when I wear pants and my panty line shows, so they are the “no panty line” kind, we’ll see how they work. 

 I had been needing a new sports bra, and I always have a hard time finding bras for my weird size (40c) so I couldn’t believe my luck when I found these bad boys for $6.99! I got the black one in a 40c for running, and the grey one in a 42c so it wouldn’t be as tight if I wanted to wear it to work. 

 I got two tanks, and one tshirt. The tshirt I love so much it says make a wish take a chance, and it’s a faded design and I love the boxy slouchy look! The middle tank says never stop dreaming, I don’t love the saying but I needed a neutral colored tank for summer. The right tank is actually a men’s shirt, but it’s super comfy and I like the cut out hole matereil on the sides, I think it would look super cute with an army green tank underneath, or would be great for working out.  

 I picked up these random items (I need to go again with my mom instead of my husband so I can REALLY shop). Top left is biore balancing face wash. Top right is a bottle of body wash for my hubby. He usually uses the dial with the orange label, but I figured for $2.49 compared to the usual $4, if he doesn’t like it I’ll just give it to my dad. Bottom left is garnier fructis fall fight. I have a love/hate relationship with garnier products. I swear their cute packaging and crazy slogans on the bottle always drag me in! I was fall fight and I was in the I saw $1.99 and ugh I had to. Then I got home and looked up reviews for it, for the most part everyone said it’s just regular shampoo that smells good but doesn’t do what it says, I guess I’ll have to try it and see. Bottom right is clearasil refreshing super fruit pads. I usually have a tub of the clearasil daily clear ones around for when I break out, but for the price I figured id give these a try. 

 Last but not least is new Nikes. Ahhh love them! I usually wear a 9.5 wide in nike, but since I’ve lost weight I noticed my new shoes (about three months ago, and my tennis shoes usually last me about a year and a half) where making me feel like I was gonna twist my ankle when I ran, so anyways I got these in a 10 because a regular 9.5 still wouldn’t fit. They are a little long in the toes but oh well.. I love the colors of them, my other newer pair was actually the same style, but just plain grey, with an orange nike symbol. Anyone else nike lovers that can only wear a wide? The struggle is real trying to find a cute pair in a wide, I swear they only make one pair a season that come in a wide, and it’s the plainest ones.

Oh I also got a blue yoga mat, I didn’t take a picture of it but I’ve been wanting one lately to try some yoga, and I seen it while in the checkout line and I just grabbed it up because it was only $6.99. Not sure if that’s a good price because I’ve never priced them before but like I said I needed one anyways.

So that is what I got at gabes. I love all of it and am so excited! My receipt said that with their “compair at” prices I saved over $200 cook aired I what I would have spent if I got it all at regular price. I can’t wait to go back again with my mom instead of hubby so I can really look at everything! 

Yoga Capris from Family DollarĀ 

I wanted to make a quick post to show and review these yoga capris I got. I went to family dollar yesterday actually looking for some type if yoga pants because I have one pair from them and they are my fav. I have vs yogas, walmart, kmart, and family dollar and the ones from family dollar are just the best to me, perfect amount of stretch an comfy, without being see through. So anyways I wanted some new pants and I saw these and thought yet would be perfect (I have other capris, but with random colors on the bottoms that don’t match any of my shirts) so I loved that the legs of these where a solid color! I also think the waist band is cute, I’m so into the color blocking look lately. I wore the black pair today and they where super comfy, I woke at a day care and these give a perfect amount of stretch but still coverage. My only complaint would be that the waist band is a little to wide, so it kind of started to pucker out, which is annoying. Overall a great but for $8. Also they are a nice length, long enough to wear even in cooler days, but could still be pulled up higher for another look.