Walmart Beauty Box- Fall 2016

Today I’m gonna share what I got in my fall walmart beauty boxes! This is my second time getting them, and I think it’s super great! I love getting a chance to try out products that have been right under my nose at my trusty walmart, that for whatever reason I haven’t tried yet. I get the trendsetter, and the classic box. Both if my boxes arrived a lot later than it seemed like everyone else’s did.. I got my trendsetter box first so we will start with that..  

  Here is a picture of what the no looked like when I opened it, I love the blue and purple color scheme, my bedroom is done is blue and purple so that was a cool.  

 Here we have village naturals therapy bath salts, extra whitening toothpaste from Hello brand (was very excited to se this product is made in the USA, I’ve been wanting to use more USA based products), clean and clear deep action 90 second shower mask, very excited to try this I usually use my face way in the shower to save time so this will be fun to try, and Dove body wash in sweet cream and peony.  

 A biore charcole pore strip, which I already know I like because I have purchased them before, Dove deoderant cool essentials 48hr, cetaphil moisturizer (already tried this, not sure if your supposed to put it in your face or use it like lotion???), a sample of natures bounty hair skin and nails funnies, they tasted super good and I might purchase it next time I but vitamins.  

 The last thing was this burst bees cleaning oil… Im not a big oil person so not sure when I’ll get around to using this, and the packet is pretty large so I think you could get a couple uses out of it but if it’s oil won’t it leak out?? Hmm. T 


That’s everything that was in my trendsetter box, all very useful and practical items which I personally like getting. Now onto the classic box.. 

 Vaseline unscented lotion, Dove deoderant, Dove body wash, and Aussie mega hair spray. The dove items are the only repeats between these two boxes, which is nice because my winter boxes had a lot of the same items, although I do think I got this same hairspray in my winter box, which is fine with me because this is the hairspray I usually use anyways. Even the duplicates of the dove items doesn’t bother me because I just give one to my mom. 

 Another bath soak but in a different kind this is a nighttime one, cetaphil cleansing cloths (10 count! I checked at walmart and a full size pack had 25 wipes for $5 something so that’s pretty awesome), and roc multi correxion cream.  

 That’s everything! I really liked this seasons boxes and was glad there wasn’t as many duplicates as the winter boxes! And remember these boxes are just $5 each so I highly recommend it if your interested in getting into the beauty box game but wanna try out a cheaper option first!


Walmart Beauty Box Summer 2016

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! I wanted to write about the walmart beauty box! I’ve been watching youtube videos and reading blogs about the different beauty box subscriptions, and I finally decided to try this one out for my first one. I shop at walmart frequently, and I like cheap stuff so this is a winner for me, they say the box is free, you just pay $5 for shipping, which I think is a great deal! They have two box options, based on your age you get either the “trendsetter box” which is the younger ages, or the “classic box” for the older ages. I’m not sure what the age cutoff for each box is, but I’m 20 and I out in my real birthday for one box and got put in trendsetter, and then I signed up do another one and put my age as like 49, and got the classic one. I signed up on a Sunday night, and I think I recieves them a week or two later? It wasn’t very long at all, actually I got the “shipping” email the same day them showed up, so that was strange. Anyways now I’ll get into what was in each box!

Classic Box  

 This is what the outside of the box looks like, and what it looks like when you open it there is a little card. This box had a little dent on the top but not a big deal. 

 These are the regular sample sized samples! I was very pleased with these samples, I will use all of them (except the leg makeup, I tried it out and oh my that was bad!) from the top we have a full size pack of nail wraps, leg makeup, degree deoderant, caress body wash, aveeno night cream, and Aussie hair spray. 

 On the top row in this picture is the foil type samples. A sample of micellar water (I didn’t like it, it claims to wash off makeup and after using it I still had makeup left on y face), a brush cleaning wipe, and two little packets of revitalift cream. Then the bottom picture is the whole box. 

Trendsetter Box 

 Same box style, same card and tissue paper inside.  

 These are the sample size ones from this box. Schwarzkopf shampoo and conditioner (I really liked this and plan on buying it in full size, even though I don’t color my hair I love the scent of this and how it makes my hair feel and look! Also I got about 4 uses out of this sample! I hate foil packets of shampoo that you only get one chance to either like it or not), another set of nail wraps (unfortunatly in the same print as the other box), another degree deoderant in the same scent, leg makeup, and arm & hammer truly radiant toothpaste! 

 These are the foils that came in the trendsetter box, more micellar water, another brush wipe cleaner, and Nivea in shower body lotion (I had tried this before in a sample and didn’t like it, so I tried it again and still didn’t like it, it feels nasty on my skin, and I don’t need another step in the shower). Bottom picture is the whole box.

Over I think it’s a great deal, $10 to have all of these fun samples sent to you, ($5 if you only want one box)!  One thing I will say is annoying is that they don’t specify in the boxes which is which, so if you get both you have to guess, I put one box under my shortened name, and one under my full name, so I just look at which box is registered to which name! This is a “seasonal” box which means you get it four times a year, summer, fall, winter, and spring, and the sample seem to go along with each season from what I’ve seen in other peoples reviews (deoderant, hair spray). Hope you enjoyed this post, go check out getting a walmart beauty box beauty box for yourself!

Zest Fruit Boost Body Wash 

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Zest Fruit Boost body wash. I saw these at walmart on night (not shopping for body wash, just happened to be in that isle) and these bad boys caught my eye! The packaging is different from most body wash, with the bottle being a tube style, which I later found tht I don’t like the style, it seemed hard to get the last if the product out, and it came out super quick, causing me to use to much. Secondly, the scent. Ahh, the scent of these sold me, there where there kinds, very berry, citrus splash, an done other that I can’t remember, and all three smelled heavenly! I almost bought all three and it took everything in me to pick just two, but now I’m glad I only got two. The scent was the main seller for these, and it doesn’t last on my skin at all! I shower at night and usually can smell my body wash while I’m falling asleep, but this I couldn’t smell after rinsing off in the shower! To too it all off, it didn’t do anything good for my skin, literally my skin just felt no different after showering. It says it lasts up to 40 showers, and I’m sure it does, I felt like no matter how much I used I just couldn’t get rid if it quick enough! Now left with a hole other bottle to use up, maybe I’ll give it to my sister in law. So altogether not a good product, I would not repurchase this, when I think of the Zest brand I think of a clean fresh smell and feel, and this just didn’t cut it.

Walmart Haul!

I went to walmart tonight and thought id share with y’all the things I got..

Left are new sharpies, it was the big 24 pack. Just been wanting these for my cooling book and my scrapbook. On the right are retractable colored pencils! I’m super excited to try these out, I’ve used the retractable crayons before and they are cool. I hope these work good because I love using colored pencils but I feel like the too breaks to much for it to even be worth the hassle. 

I got this little planner calendar to keep track off different things that I didn’t want to write on my regular calendar.. Didn’t realize till I got home that it doesn’t start till July of 2016?? It said 2016 2017 so I assumed that meant both entire years ?? 


On top is dial body wash for my hubby, then two zest body washes for me. The zest ones smell soo good in the bottle, but I already used the purple one and the scent doesn’t last at all, so that was disappointing, but they both costed 2.97 (not sure if that’s a sale or not) so wanted to get them cause they smelled so great. Bottom pick is Tylenol, women’s vitamins by vita fusion (I love that these are berry flavors because most other brands have  orange ones and I hate orange flavoring), vitamin c, and wisps toothbrush things.

Pretty boring, but folders for my filing cabinet, tab labels, and sticker labels, to organize my filing cabinet. 

These cute earrings I found for $1! Top left is little square gem type things, top right is silver bows, and bottom is silver anchors. I love all of these and think they will be great for summer, not to heavy or blingy. 

Pencil case that was on sale for $1. Just got this to put my new sharpies in. Zipper sticks. 

Hope y’all enjoyed this post I know I love reading others posts like this so thought I would share my own!