What I Bought Today- Walmart & Aldi

Hello! Today I wanted to share a few things I bought that I LOVE and continuously repurchase! 

 The camis from walmart are amazing!! I love them so much, they are only $1.68! How perfect right? I got four of them today because I feel like they haven’t had them the last couple times I’ve looked (I usually go to walmart once or twice a week, and I look almost every time), so I was so excited to find them again. I already had it in black, an olive been color, and a orangish color (more orange tha the one pictured), then today I bought another black one, a light purple, a burgundy, and a salmon pink color. I got two of them in an xxl and two in a xl because both sizes fit me so I figured I would get both and see which ones I liked best (the ones I already owned at xxl, so wanted to try out the xl). I just can’t say enough good about these, they are super cheap, and surprisingly good quality, I probably wear the ones I already have about once a week and they still look as good, except the orangish one did get dark stains around the armpit, which is my own sweaty fault.. Seriously just I but one! I know they have s-xxl in the junior section, and I’ve seen I think l-xxxl in the adult section (but beware they can be shorter than some might like). Okay enough abou the the shirts, check out these snacks I love from aldi! 

 These fit and active cinnamon swirl rice cakes are soo yummy! Almost defeats the purpose of being healthy because I want to eat the whole box! I would compare them to a less sweet version of those cinnamon twists from Taco Bell. Being a fit & active product I made sure to check the ingredients before I bought them, and they have no artificial sweeteners (I’ve explained in other posts I just don’t like the taste). On the bottom picture is these super delicious colored sour belts! I usually eat the sour air head extreme strip things, but they just don’t fill the sour craving, so when I found these I was super thrilled to find that these have a nice sour bite to them! Then I looked at the ingredients, I couldn’t believe they are colored with fruit/vegetable concentrates! So in love! I hope them have them next time I go because sadly I found these today in the “buy now limited selection” type box and got pretty disappointed about that, but we will see what happens! 

Thanks for reading, hope I inspired someone to try one (or all) of these items!


Multiple Store Haul 

I did some shopping last week with my mom, and wanted to share what I got. I went to a consignment shop near my town, bath and body works, dollar tree, and dollar general.

Consignment Shop

  At the consignment shop I got this cute little glass jar thing, two bottles of dry shampoo, a phone case, and a hoodie I didn’t take a picture of that was $1.99! I like these small bottles of dry shampoo cause I have yet to find one that works for me, so I just try out random ones I find on sale. I have an Iphone 5c, and I can never find a case for it (I could go online but I’m not big on online shopping) and I thought this one was super cute so I got it! The hoodie I got is a dark blue Abercrombie hoodie, the letters are kind of faded on it but I just needed a new hoodie for winter so at that price I was like yessss! 

Bath and Body Works

  I got these hand sanitizers, and a rubber thing for them, and a couple body washes. Nothing big, but I love how the body wash scents last on your skin. The beach nights summer marshmallow one is to die for!

Dollar Tree 

  Locker decoration sheet is magnetic so I got it to cut up for projects, metallic permanent markers for obvious reasons, little pen holder cup I’m using to hold my roller ball style perfumes so they stop rolling around my dresser, and sticky tack. 

 Makeup remover wipes for my mom (she said they work). Color mates lip crayon in the color spice, was to shimmery for my taste, so I gave it to my mom. Cinderella wash clothe because I’m actually two years old. Now let’s talk about this conditioner, I googled reviews right there in the middle of dollar tree, and they were so mixed that I decided to just get it and try it for myself. I’m one of the ones that like it, it is very runny, but I don’t mind, I find it very easy to rub in, and it gives my hair a nice texture. I will repurchase. Eyeliner I got for my mom.

  Twizzlers because I’m a fat fat and can’t leave a store without food, square drawer organizers, super cute wall decal, black foam board for a project, cute, tiny, little drawers, rectangle style drawer organizers, and a drawstring bag. I love those drawstring bags because thy are only a buck and they are so handy to have, hubby uses one to carry his toiletries in the truck, I use them when I go away from home to put toiletries in, great to throw a quick change of clothes in! So awesome! 

The only thing I got at dollar general is a makeup sponge, and a sport bra (unpictured). 

 I know beauty blenders are all the rage, but for someone like me who isn’t super into makeup and doesnt wear it that often, this cheap version works just fine! 

So that’s everything I got, just thought I would share, hope you enjoyed reading!

Gabes Haul #2

Wanted to share some of the items I picked up at Gabes the other day!  

 Picked up some makeupy items!            The mascara is really nice I like it a lot! The eyeliner I got because I’ve only ever used pencil liner, this one is very watery so I don’t love it, but it’s good for practice. And the eyeshadow brush is a game changer, lol as someone who doesn’t wear much makeup I’ve never used any eyeshadow brush besides the little triangle ones that usually come with eyeshadow, but I love the way my eyeshadow looks when I use it! 


Random check out line purchase! I really like this scent though, it’s morning herbs and must, it’s a very light scent.


A tee shirt, a tank top (wore it to work today and I like it a lot, the material is comfy, and I like the higher neckline. And OMG these shorts! I’ve been wanting and searching for a black/neutral pair of shorts with the spandex leg part, so glad I found these, and for so cheap! 

 Picked up these jeans, I love the ariya jeans they fit so nice! My favorite brand of jeans, I love the coverage in the back, and just everything about them, so I was pretty excited to find them because I always have a hard time finding jeans that right! 

That’s all I got on this trip, kinda broke at the moment lol but I was super pleased with my finds!

Zest Fruit Boost Body Wash 

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Zest Fruit Boost body wash. I saw these at walmart on night (not shopping for body wash, just happened to be in that isle) and these bad boys caught my eye! The packaging is different from most body wash, with the bottle being a tube style, which I later found tht I don’t like the style, it seemed hard to get the last if the product out, and it came out super quick, causing me to use to much. Secondly, the scent. Ahh, the scent of these sold me, there where there kinds, very berry, citrus splash, an done other that I can’t remember, and all three smelled heavenly! I almost bought all three and it took everything in me to pick just two, but now I’m glad I only got two. The scent was the main seller for these, and it doesn’t last on my skin at all! I shower at night and usually can smell my body wash while I’m falling asleep, but this I couldn’t smell after rinsing off in the shower! To too it all off, it didn’t do anything good for my skin, literally my skin just felt no different after showering. It says it lasts up to 40 showers, and I’m sure it does, I felt like no matter how much I used I just couldn’t get rid if it quick enough! Now left with a hole other bottle to use up, maybe I’ll give it to my sister in law. So altogether not a good product, I would not repurchase this, when I think of the Zest brand I think of a clean fresh smell and feel, and this just didn’t cut it.

Gabes Shopping Haul

Hi guys! I went shopping yesterday at Gabriel brothers (gabes) and I wanted to share what I got, so here ya go! 

I’ve been needing a dressy shirt so I picked this up. I love the color and the cute lace shoulders! 

 These are all kids clothes that we got for my husbands grandkids, all of the shirts are 2t or 24 months, and the leggings are size 7-14. Great deal for all of these because they where part of the sidewalk sale!  

 These are pants I got for myself, such dang good prices! Even at walmart the workout type pants are $12-15! I’m in love with the orange Capris, and the grey and pink are regular length look so good on! I actually got the real tree pants for a friend for Christmas (early planning) but when I got hope I tried then in myself and I knew thy wouldn’t fit her, so I kept them.  

 Panties!!! Cute panties 3 for $7.99, what else can I say? Love them. The lace pairs on the let said suggested retail was $33, what a steal! And I got the ones on the right because I’m not into wearing things anymore but I hae when I wear pants and my panty line shows, so they are the “no panty line” kind, we’ll see how they work. 

 I had been needing a new sports bra, and I always have a hard time finding bras for my weird size (40c) so I couldn’t believe my luck when I found these bad boys for $6.99! I got the black one in a 40c for running, and the grey one in a 42c so it wouldn’t be as tight if I wanted to wear it to work. 

 I got two tanks, and one tshirt. The tshirt I love so much it says make a wish take a chance, and it’s a faded design and I love the boxy slouchy look! The middle tank says never stop dreaming, I don’t love the saying but I needed a neutral colored tank for summer. The right tank is actually a men’s shirt, but it’s super comfy and I like the cut out hole matereil on the sides, I think it would look super cute with an army green tank underneath, or would be great for working out.  

 I picked up these random items (I need to go again with my mom instead of my husband so I can REALLY shop). Top left is biore balancing face wash. Top right is a bottle of body wash for my hubby. He usually uses the dial with the orange label, but I figured for $2.49 compared to the usual $4, if he doesn’t like it I’ll just give it to my dad. Bottom left is garnier fructis fall fight. I have a love/hate relationship with garnier products. I swear their cute packaging and crazy slogans on the bottle always drag me in! I was fall fight and I was in the I saw $1.99 and ugh I had to. Then I got home and looked up reviews for it, for the most part everyone said it’s just regular shampoo that smells good but doesn’t do what it says, I guess I’ll have to try it and see. Bottom right is clearasil refreshing super fruit pads. I usually have a tub of the clearasil daily clear ones around for when I break out, but for the price I figured id give these a try. 

 Last but not least is new Nikes. Ahhh love them! I usually wear a 9.5 wide in nike, but since I’ve lost weight I noticed my new shoes (about three months ago, and my tennis shoes usually last me about a year and a half) where making me feel like I was gonna twist my ankle when I ran, so anyways I got these in a 10 because a regular 9.5 still wouldn’t fit. They are a little long in the toes but oh well.. I love the colors of them, my other newer pair was actually the same style, but just plain grey, with an orange nike symbol. Anyone else nike lovers that can only wear a wide? The struggle is real trying to find a cute pair in a wide, I swear they only make one pair a season that come in a wide, and it’s the plainest ones.

Oh I also got a blue yoga mat, I didn’t take a picture of it but I’ve been wanting one lately to try some yoga, and I seen it while in the checkout line and I just grabbed it up because it was only $6.99. Not sure if that’s a good price because I’ve never priced them before but like I said I needed one anyways.

So that is what I got at gabes. I love all of it and am so excited! My receipt said that with their “compair at” prices I saved over $200 cook aired I what I would have spent if I got it all at regular price. I can’t wait to go back again with my mom instead of hubby so I can really look at everything! 

Aldi favorites

Just sharing some of my favorite things to buy at Aldi grocery store.  

This yummy spreadable cheese, so great on an English muffin for breakfast or on crackers, and it’s only 25 calories! I don’t like the garlic and herb flavor, but the original and jalapeño are great!  

 Spinach. Not much to say it’s super cheap here compared to other stores. (Um I bought two bags and I has opened one, I made a salad for lunch one day, and I found I bug on a leaf, I’m like no Kasi don’t flip out it happens, so I throw that leaf out, look through the salad a bit don’t see anything, take a bit, then a leaf under the bit I took had a bug on it. Pretty unappetizing, so I probably won’t be eating any spinach for a while.) 

 Yum these are great I could eat a whole bag. If you haven’t tried them then do it. They remind me of Muncho chips, just not as salty. 

 Cashews are one of my favorite nuts, I like to split them into ziplock bags so they are portioned out and ready to go in my lunch or purse. 

 This is my favorite bread, I really don’t eat or buy any other kind of plain bread anymore. This just has a good flavor and texture. 

 Cheese!! I always buy my husband the block sharp cheddar cheese from here, and string cheese for me because it has less calories and is already portioned out. (Update-I went shopping tonight and compared the happy farms string cheese to the light and fit brand ones and they have the same ingredients but the light and fit ones have 50 calories, happy farms has 70. I bought the light and fit ones so I’m excited to try them.) 

 Greek yogurt, the ones pictured are Greek parfait caramel ones with chocolate chips and pretzel bits, plus a coffee one I haven’t tried yet. I love the caramel ones, they are so yummy it’s like eating dessert for breakfast, with only 110 calories. I also love the strawberry blended Greek yogurt that has only 100 calories, and doesn’t have any fake sugars (I don’t eat aspartame, sucralose or other artificial sweeteners, they taste gross and give me a headache). 

These whole grain English muffins are my fav right now. Like I mentioned above I out on some spreadable cheese and sometimes a poached egg and yum. These are only $1.29, not sure how much they are other places but I think that’s pretty cheap. Plus these have a good amount of protein in them (I think like 5 grams?). 

  I usually buy the canned tuna (I think .69) but these packets are great for hubby to take in the truck with him, and only $.89 cents, I think that’s pretty awesome when it’s usually $2 or more for the packet. 

These are just some of the items I love to purchase here, I also buy fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, almond/cashew milks, cereal, cottage cheese, granola bars, wheat crackers that my husband loves! So many great deals! Aldi really is the best store! 


Yoga Capris from Family Dollar 

I wanted to make a quick post to show and review these yoga capris I got. I went to family dollar yesterday actually looking for some type if yoga pants because I have one pair from them and they are my fav. I have vs yogas, walmart, kmart, and family dollar and the ones from family dollar are just the best to me, perfect amount of stretch an comfy, without being see through. So anyways I wanted some new pants and I saw these and thought yet would be perfect (I have other capris, but with random colors on the bottoms that don’t match any of my shirts) so I loved that the legs of these where a solid color! I also think the waist band is cute, I’m so into the color blocking look lately. I wore the black pair today and they where super comfy, I woke at a day care and these give a perfect amount of stretch but still coverage. My only complaint would be that the waist band is a little to wide, so it kind of started to pucker out, which is annoying. Overall a great but for $8. Also they are a nice length, long enough to wear even in cooler days, but could still be pulled up higher for another look.