Salvage makeup haul

I went to a salvage store today, and got a bunch of makeup! So if you don’t know what a salvage store is, basically it’s a store that sells out of date or “damaged” items. I dont know how popular they are in other areas, but there are quite a few around where I live so I like to go every now and then. This time I got super lucky! The stores usually sell non perishable type foods like cereal, pasta, rice, candy, or body/hair care items, makeup, pet supplies sometimes, just very random stuff, basically whatever they can get at salvage price. All of the makeup I got was $.99, that’s it! I was super excited tbh. Below I will post pictures of the products and a few swatches, and the regular price of the item (I googled the product and wrote down either the walmart or target price, some of them I wrote both).  

Okay so I got five mascaras, these are the first two, the maybelline lash sensational mascara, one in blackest black ($6.29 @ target), and one in waterproof brownish black ($6.99 @ target, $6.25 @ walmart). I have seen the commercials for this mascara, don’t know how great it will work, usually I will just google reviews in the store before buying a product, but I was in a hurry and for $.99 I’m not that worried about it. 

 Here are the other three mascaras I got (actually I bought every one I seen except the falsies one cause I saw a review that it wasn’t very good..). Anyways, I got the revlon super length ($5.99 @ target). Covergirl The Super Sizer ($5.99 @ target, $5.94 @ walmart). Covergirl Lash Blast waterproof in black brown ($6.99 @ target). 

 Elf Hydrating Face Primer in clear ($5.19 @ target, $5.40 @ walmart).  

 Lippies!! From left to right we have covergirl caramel kiss 240 ($5.39 @ target). Covergirl creme 230 ($5.39 @ target), I think I’m gonna like this one a lot (I tried both covergirl lipsticks today and the formula went on very creamy and streaky, and like I thought I did not like the caramel kiss color). Nivea lip balm a kiss of mint & minerals ($2.39 @ target). Nivea lip balm in a kiss of olive oil & lemon ($2.39 @ target). Revlon color burst lip balm in demure 105 ($6.19 @ target). NYX soft matte lip cream in smlc13 Sydney ($5.99 @ target).   

 Lippies ❤

 Covergirl + olay simply ageless in 225 buff beige ($12.59 @ target)  

 Covergirl ready set gorgeous foundation in 115 buff beige ($6.30 @ walmart). Covergirl outlast stay fabulous 3 in 1 foundation in 855 soft honey ($8.59 @ target, $8.52 @ walmart).  

 Covergirl ready set gorgeous concealer in fair ($3.99 @ target).

Okay so that is everything I got, now remember I paid $.99 for each item, I added up the lower price option for each item and guys all of this makeup at regular price would have costed me around $95! I am just insanely happy about the great items I got for this great price! I’ve already tried out a few of the products (bought the stuff yesterday so I used some this morning). I used the covergirl the super sizer mascara, which went in really nice and hasn’t smudged it flaked so far today. I tried the covergirl outlast foundation and I actually think the soft honey shade really works for me, and the formula felt really nice. Also I used the elf primer, which I haven’t really noticed a diffence between using the primer and not using any, but I’ll have to make that judgment on a day that in doing more intensive stuff I believe than sitting around all day. And the last new thing I tried was the covergirl lipsticks, which I wrote a little review if under the picture. I’m very happy that I’m getting to try all of these products at this price, I’ve been getting more into makeup lately, but just couldn’t bring myself to pay even some smaller prices (like 5 or more dollars) when I just have/had no idea what shades and formulas I would like. I really amazes me I’ll be watching youtube or something and some ladies are like of this foundation was $10 so I just picked it up to try but it’s the wrong shade. Like y’all $10 isn’t a lot of money for something you know you like but dang for something that probably won’t even get used I just can’t fathom spending money like that on some face paint! Anyways hope you enjoyed reading this post, and I highly recommend looking up if there are any salvage stores in your area!! 


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