Coconut Nail Art

If you read my post about the summer walmart beauty box then you know it had the Coconut Nail Art in it. I put them on and wanted to show how it turned out!  

 These are the ones I got (I got the same print in the trendsetter and classic box). Seeing these in the box I wasn’t a huge fan on the print, but figured I would try them out anyways. So in the box was the polish strips, instructions, and a little emery board (for trimming off the excess). You should know I don’t regularly paint my nails I just think it takes to much time and they never come out smooth and nice looking for me. I’ve also never used any kind of nail strips like this either. At first it was kind of hard to get them on at the right angle, but after the first couple it got easy. In the instructions it says to gently pull at the polish to stretch it if it’s not big enough, I tried that and it did not work. Silly me I didn’t realize until I got to my thumb (I started at my pinky) that there is six strips! So for my nails I shouldn’t have used the little one at the end, because then I went down the row and the rest where a bit to small. Oops, at least the second hand I used the right sizes.  

 This is how they turned out! I actually liked the print a lot once I saw it actually on the nail, I liked that it was very simple and pretty. You couldn’t see the spots where I used the too small strips unless you looked real close. I really loved how they turned out! I put them on on a Sunday night, and on Friday they looked like this: 

 Very little amount of chipping, the only problem for me was where my nail had grown out I could feel the edge of the strips and it was too tempting to pick at them, so Friday night I ended I peeling them off. I have to at they held on better than I had thought. I loved how easy these where to apply, I’ve read directions for other brands of nail strips that said you had to apply heat and different stuff that just sounds like too much work. I looked at these at walmart and they have probably about 10 different style prints, and cost like $4.88 I think (so basically almost the whole cost of a walmart beauty box!) for me personally that’s not an amount I would spend for 5 days of nail wear on a regular basis, but I sure would buy them if I have an event I am going to or just want to have cute nails once in a while, because I hate painting my nails! I definatly recommend checking these out! 


Kirkwood Popcorn Chicken Idea

Hey there! I was about to cook up some lunch and decided why not share my way to prepare it, so here it is! I buy this yummy, inexpensive Kirkwood Popcorn Chicken at Aldi, and I love it! The first thing I do is put it on a plate and microwave it so that it’s warmed all the way through.  

   At this point you could go ahead and eat them, since it’s fully cooked already, but they have a sort of spongey texture, so I like to take it a step farther, now that it’s microwaved I put it in a pan with butter, and franks hot sauce, and fry them until they are covered in sauce and crispy! 

Ta-dah now you’ve made a quick, cheap lunch/dinner. I love to cook this when I’m just cooking for  myself, but it would also be a great dinner! I was eating it for dinner this time so I cooked up some pasta with butter, cheese, and balsamic vinegar glaze! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it’s pretty simple but I know I enjoy reading about easy things like this that I might not have thought of! 

Walmart Beauty Box Summer 2016

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! I wanted to write about the walmart beauty box! I’ve been watching youtube videos and reading blogs about the different beauty box subscriptions, and I finally decided to try this one out for my first one. I shop at walmart frequently, and I like cheap stuff so this is a winner for me, they say the box is free, you just pay $5 for shipping, which I think is a great deal! They have two box options, based on your age you get either the “trendsetter box” which is the younger ages, or the “classic box” for the older ages. I’m not sure what the age cutoff for each box is, but I’m 20 and I out in my real birthday for one box and got put in trendsetter, and then I signed up do another one and put my age as like 49, and got the classic one. I signed up on a Sunday night, and I think I recieves them a week or two later? It wasn’t very long at all, actually I got the “shipping” email the same day them showed up, so that was strange. Anyways now I’ll get into what was in each box!

Classic Box  

 This is what the outside of the box looks like, and what it looks like when you open it there is a little card. This box had a little dent on the top but not a big deal. 

 These are the regular sample sized samples! I was very pleased with these samples, I will use all of them (except the leg makeup, I tried it out and oh my that was bad!) from the top we have a full size pack of nail wraps, leg makeup, degree deoderant, caress body wash, aveeno night cream, and Aussie hair spray. 

 On the top row in this picture is the foil type samples. A sample of micellar water (I didn’t like it, it claims to wash off makeup and after using it I still had makeup left on y face), a brush cleaning wipe, and two little packets of revitalift cream. Then the bottom picture is the whole box. 

Trendsetter Box 

 Same box style, same card and tissue paper inside.  

 These are the sample size ones from this box. Schwarzkopf shampoo and conditioner (I really liked this and plan on buying it in full size, even though I don’t color my hair I love the scent of this and how it makes my hair feel and look! Also I got about 4 uses out of this sample! I hate foil packets of shampoo that you only get one chance to either like it or not), another set of nail wraps (unfortunatly in the same print as the other box), another degree deoderant in the same scent, leg makeup, and arm & hammer truly radiant toothpaste! 

 These are the foils that came in the trendsetter box, more micellar water, another brush wipe cleaner, and Nivea in shower body lotion (I had tried this before in a sample and didn’t like it, so I tried it again and still didn’t like it, it feels nasty on my skin, and I don’t need another step in the shower). Bottom picture is the whole box.

Over I think it’s a great deal, $10 to have all of these fun samples sent to you, ($5 if you only want one box)!  One thing I will say is annoying is that they don’t specify in the boxes which is which, so if you get both you have to guess, I put one box under my shortened name, and one under my full name, so I just look at which box is registered to which name! This is a “seasonal” box which means you get it four times a year, summer, fall, winter, and spring, and the sample seem to go along with each season from what I’ve seen in other peoples reviews (deoderant, hair spray). Hope you enjoyed this post, go check out getting a walmart beauty box beauty box for yourself!