Multiple Store Haul 

I did some shopping last week with my mom, and wanted to share what I got. I went to a consignment shop near my town, bath and body works, dollar tree, and dollar general.

Consignment Shop

  At the consignment shop I got this cute little glass jar thing, two bottles of dry shampoo, a phone case, and a hoodie I didn’t take a picture of that was $1.99! I like these small bottles of dry shampoo cause I have yet to find one that works for me, so I just try out random ones I find on sale. I have an Iphone 5c, and I can never find a case for it (I could go online but I’m not big on online shopping) and I thought this one was super cute so I got it! The hoodie I got is a dark blue Abercrombie hoodie, the letters are kind of faded on it but I just needed a new hoodie for winter so at that price I was like yessss! 

Bath and Body Works

  I got these hand sanitizers, and a rubber thing for them, and a couple body washes. Nothing big, but I love how the body wash scents last on your skin. The beach nights summer marshmallow one is to die for!

Dollar Tree 

  Locker decoration sheet is magnetic so I got it to cut up for projects, metallic permanent markers for obvious reasons, little pen holder cup I’m using to hold my roller ball style perfumes so they stop rolling around my dresser, and sticky tack. 

 Makeup remover wipes for my mom (she said they work). Color mates lip crayon in the color spice, was to shimmery for my taste, so I gave it to my mom. Cinderella wash clothe because I’m actually two years old. Now let’s talk about this conditioner, I googled reviews right there in the middle of dollar tree, and they were so mixed that I decided to just get it and try it for myself. I’m one of the ones that like it, it is very runny, but I don’t mind, I find it very easy to rub in, and it gives my hair a nice texture. I will repurchase. Eyeliner I got for my mom.

  Twizzlers because I’m a fat fat and can’t leave a store without food, square drawer organizers, super cute wall decal, black foam board for a project, cute, tiny, little drawers, rectangle style drawer organizers, and a drawstring bag. I love those drawstring bags because thy are only a buck and they are so handy to have, hubby uses one to carry his toiletries in the truck, I use them when I go away from home to put toiletries in, great to throw a quick change of clothes in! So awesome! 

The only thing I got at dollar general is a makeup sponge, and a sport bra (unpictured). 

 I know beauty blenders are all the rage, but for someone like me who isn’t super into makeup and doesnt wear it that often, this cheap version works just fine! 

So that’s everything I got, just thought I would share, hope you enjoyed reading!


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