Gabes Haul #2

Wanted to share some of the items I picked up at Gabes the other day!  

 Picked up some makeupy items!            The mascara is really nice I like it a lot! The eyeliner I got because I’ve only ever used pencil liner, this one is very watery so I don’t love it, but it’s good for practice. And the eyeshadow brush is a game changer, lol as someone who doesn’t wear much makeup I’ve never used any eyeshadow brush besides the little triangle ones that usually come with eyeshadow, but I love the way my eyeshadow looks when I use it! 


Random check out line purchase! I really like this scent though, it’s morning herbs and must, it’s a very light scent.


A tee shirt, a tank top (wore it to work today and I like it a lot, the material is comfy, and I like the higher neckline. And OMG these shorts! I’ve been wanting and searching for a black/neutral pair of shorts with the spandex leg part, so glad I found these, and for so cheap! 

 Picked up these jeans, I love the ariya jeans they fit so nice! My favorite brand of jeans, I love the coverage in the back, and just everything about them, so I was pretty excited to find them because I always have a hard time finding jeans that right! 

That’s all I got on this trip, kinda broke at the moment lol but I was super pleased with my finds!


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