Yoga Capris from Family Dollar 

I wanted to make a quick post to show and review these yoga capris I got. I went to family dollar yesterday actually looking for some type if yoga pants because I have one pair from them and they are my fav. I have vs yogas, walmart, kmart, and family dollar and the ones from family dollar are just the best to me, perfect amount of stretch an comfy, without being see through. So anyways I wanted some new pants and I saw these and thought yet would be perfect (I have other capris, but with random colors on the bottoms that don’t match any of my shirts) so I loved that the legs of these where a solid color! I also think the waist band is cute, I’m so into the color blocking look lately. I wore the black pair today and they where super comfy, I woke at a day care and these give a perfect amount of stretch but still coverage. My only complaint would be that the waist band is a little to wide, so it kind of started to pucker out, which is annoying. Overall a great but for $8. Also they are a nice length, long enough to wear even in cooler days, but could still be pulled up higher for another look. 


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