Freeprints Photo Printing App

I wanted to make a post about this awesome app that I use and love, it’s called Freeprints. Basically it’s an app you upload your pictures from your phone and they print them and mail them to you! You get 80 free pictures each month (you pay shipping), and I think any regular sized ones after that are like $.29. It’s super cheap! My last order I ordered 147 pictures and only paid $15.57!  

This was the biggest order I’ve ever made at once, and it came in this nice sturdy box, all my other orders that have been smaller (80 pictures or less) still come in a like sturdy thick paper envelope. You can tell they care about them and don’t want them to get damaged. What was super awesome also this order I ordered on a Sunday night (March 4th), on march 6th (Wednesday) I got an email saying the order was printed and shipped and would arrive by April 15th, I got them that same day! I didn’t pay for priority mail cause I’m cheap, so I’m not sure why they made it priority, but I was super excited!  

Some of the pictures I ordered.

Just to show how nice the quality is these are some more of my pictures. I used to always go to walmart and print my pictures with the little machine, but I really don’t go there that often, and when I do I’m usually in and out and don’t wanna hang around waiting for pictures to print, plus I’ve had my orders mess up before, or it ends up saying it’ll take 2 hours because other peoples orders are processing. This just makes it super easy , upload pictures and get them delivered to you! 

Sometimes I use an editing app and put pictures together like shown above. This is great for if you have multiple similar pictures, or I love doing this so that I have smaller pictures to use in my scrapbook, instead if trying to trim down and fit regular size photos in. 


  As you can see I’ve made 5 orders, and bottom picture is the little envelopes they come in inside of the packaging. Yeah now I just need to find a cute way to display all my pictures. I honestly love this app and order anytime I go somewhere that I take a lot of pictures. My phone has crap storage so I constantly have to delete things, this makes it so I dont have to delete any pictures before getting a chance to print them. So if you love pictures and want an easy way to get them done, make sure you check out the Freeprints app by photo affections! 


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