Walmart Haul!

I went to walmart tonight and thought id share with y’all the things I got..

Left are new sharpies, it was the big 24 pack. Just been wanting these for my cooling book and my scrapbook. On the right are retractable colored pencils! I’m super excited to try these out, I’ve used the retractable crayons before and they are cool. I hope these work good because I love using colored pencils but I feel like the too breaks to much for it to even be worth the hassle. 

I got this little planner calendar to keep track off different things that I didn’t want to write on my regular calendar.. Didn’t realize till I got home that it doesn’t start till July of 2016?? It said 2016 2017 so I assumed that meant both entire years ?? 


On top is dial body wash for my hubby, then two zest body washes for me. The zest ones smell soo good in the bottle, but I already used the purple one and the scent doesn’t last at all, so that was disappointing, but they both costed 2.97 (not sure if that’s a sale or not) so wanted to get them cause they smelled so great. Bottom pick is Tylenol, women’s vitamins by vita fusion (I love that these are berry flavors because most other brands have  orange ones and I hate orange flavoring), vitamin c, and wisps toothbrush things.

Pretty boring, but folders for my filing cabinet, tab labels, and sticker labels, to organize my filing cabinet. 

These cute earrings I found for $1! Top left is little square gem type things, top right is silver bows, and bottom is silver anchors. I love all of these and think they will be great for summer, not to heavy or blingy. 

Pencil case that was on sale for $1. Just got this to put my new sharpies in. Zipper sticks. 

Hope y’all enjoyed this post I know I love reading others posts like this so thought I would share my own!


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