Yoga Capris from Family Dollar 

I wanted to make a quick post to show and review these yoga capris I got. I went to family dollar yesterday actually looking for some type if yoga pants because I have one pair from them and they are my fav. I have vs yogas, walmart, kmart, and family dollar and the ones from family dollar are just the best to me, perfect amount of stretch an comfy, without being see through. So anyways I wanted some new pants and I saw these and thought yet would be perfect (I have other capris, but with random colors on the bottoms that don’t match any of my shirts) so I loved that the legs of these where a solid color! I also think the waist band is cute, I’m so into the color blocking look lately. I wore the black pair today and they where super comfy, I woke at a day care and these give a perfect amount of stretch but still coverage. My only complaint would be that the waist band is a little to wide, so it kind of started to pucker out, which is annoying. Overall a great but for $8. Also they are a nice length, long enough to wear even in cooler days, but could still be pulled up higher for another look. 


Freeprints Photo Printing App

I wanted to make a post about this awesome app that I use and love, it’s called Freeprints. Basically it’s an app you upload your pictures from your phone and they print them and mail them to you! You get 80 free pictures each month (you pay shipping), and I think any regular sized ones after that are like $.29. It’s super cheap! My last order I ordered 147 pictures and only paid $15.57!  

This was the biggest order I’ve ever made at once, and it came in this nice sturdy box, all my other orders that have been smaller (80 pictures or less) still come in a like sturdy thick paper envelope. You can tell they care about them and don’t want them to get damaged. What was super awesome also this order I ordered on a Sunday night (March 4th), on march 6th (Wednesday) I got an email saying the order was printed and shipped and would arrive by April 15th, I got them that same day! I didn’t pay for priority mail cause I’m cheap, so I’m not sure why they made it priority, but I was super excited!  

Some of the pictures I ordered.

Just to show how nice the quality is these are some more of my pictures. I used to always go to walmart and print my pictures with the little machine, but I really don’t go there that often, and when I do I’m usually in and out and don’t wanna hang around waiting for pictures to print, plus I’ve had my orders mess up before, or it ends up saying it’ll take 2 hours because other peoples orders are processing. This just makes it super easy , upload pictures and get them delivered to you! 

Sometimes I use an editing app and put pictures together like shown above. This is great for if you have multiple similar pictures, or I love doing this so that I have smaller pictures to use in my scrapbook, instead if trying to trim down and fit regular size photos in. 


  As you can see I’ve made 5 orders, and bottom picture is the little envelopes they come in inside of the packaging. Yeah now I just need to find a cute way to display all my pictures. I honestly love this app and order anytime I go somewhere that I take a lot of pictures. My phone has crap storage so I constantly have to delete things, this makes it so I dont have to delete any pictures before getting a chance to print them. So if you love pictures and want an easy way to get them done, make sure you check out the Freeprints app by photo affections! 

Walmart Haul!

I went to walmart tonight and thought id share with y’all the things I got..

Left are new sharpies, it was the big 24 pack. Just been wanting these for my cooling book and my scrapbook. On the right are retractable colored pencils! I’m super excited to try these out, I’ve used the retractable crayons before and they are cool. I hope these work good because I love using colored pencils but I feel like the too breaks to much for it to even be worth the hassle. 

I got this little planner calendar to keep track off different things that I didn’t want to write on my regular calendar.. Didn’t realize till I got home that it doesn’t start till July of 2016?? It said 2016 2017 so I assumed that meant both entire years ?? 


On top is dial body wash for my hubby, then two zest body washes for me. The zest ones smell soo good in the bottle, but I already used the purple one and the scent doesn’t last at all, so that was disappointing, but they both costed 2.97 (not sure if that’s a sale or not) so wanted to get them cause they smelled so great. Bottom pick is Tylenol, women’s vitamins by vita fusion (I love that these are berry flavors because most other brands have  orange ones and I hate orange flavoring), vitamin c, and wisps toothbrush things.

Pretty boring, but folders for my filing cabinet, tab labels, and sticker labels, to organize my filing cabinet. 

These cute earrings I found for $1! Top left is little square gem type things, top right is silver bows, and bottom is silver anchors. I love all of these and think they will be great for summer, not to heavy or blingy. 

Pencil case that was on sale for $1. Just got this to put my new sharpies in. Zipper sticks. 

Hope y’all enjoyed this post I know I love reading others posts like this so thought I would share my own!

Shop Miss A Haul

Hi guys! I ordered a bunch of stuff off the website, a website where everything is $1!! They have makeup, jewlery, hair items, and other odds and ends! It’s so crazy cool makes me want to buy everything! I ended up getting some lipsticks, mascaras, eyeshadow, and some jewlery. I am going to list all the items I got, and if I liked them or not (some things I have not used yet).
First let me start by saying that it came packaged so wonderfully! I ordered on Sunday the 19th and it arrived on Saturday the 26th. I got free shipping because I spent over $30 so that was awesome. Even if you don’t spend $30 and get free shipping the shipping is super cheap I think like $4-5.

It came wrapped in the orange plastic, then bubble wrap, then all this styrophome stuff!

My favorite item by far is my charm bracelet! Multiple people have asked if it is a pandora bracelet, it’s that great! Now the actual bracelet peice is $3 but each charm is $1. (Which is a super deal compared to other charm bracelets on the market).

 I got the bracelet in the large size. I ended up ordering 21 charms and a stopper chain. They where all packed into the cute orange bag. I’m not exactly sure what the stopper chain does? Only one en of it would screw on.. But anyways I’m gonna list all the charms starting from te left end. First is a stopper bead (which I’m so thankful for! Makes taking the bracelet off much easier so the beads can’t fall off!) a heart with a tiny key, a palm tree, a purple crystal heart dangle, a K, a circle with green gems, a H, a heart dangle with a black gem in the middle, a blueish green flower, a LOVE, a blue dangle Hawaii flower, family spelled out on blocks, a purple flower, a dangle I heart my husband, a leaf that’s a stopper, a “barrel” charm with a clear gem, love laugh love, a pink dangle flower, and a clover that days good luck. I also have a blue star, and a heart that says together forever, which I took off because the star kept getting stuck in the bead next to it, and the heart was just super heavy and weighed down the bracelet to much. **UPDATE** after wearing it almost everyday since I got it (which has been like a month or two??), I will say the chain stretched out quite a bit and it feels loose and saggy on my wrist, this could be because I have quiet a few charms on it, but on the website it says it can hold 17-20 on the large one so. Also if I ever order again I would NOT get any of the dangle charms, I just today realized that my  purple crystal heart is missing, and the I heart my husband one fell off today, I heard it falls ms was able to put it back on. It’s just that the little metal piece that hold the dangle into the actual charm part gets loose and it falls off.. That’s dissapointing, so I’ll have to remember to tighten them all up when I get home. Plus some of the charms are oxidizing and turning a bronze color, I honestly don’t mind that much but I do wear it almost everyday so, but it is starting to have that copper smell, if you now what I’m talking about. It’s not a super nice smell. Overall now that Ive had the bracelet for a while I can honestly say I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking for something to last a long time. Still wouldn’t be a bad gift for a preteen or something. **

This is the other jewlery I got from the site. On top are the same earrings one set in pink an one in teal, they where both so cute I couldn’t pick one. They have a little rhinestone bow then a larger colored bow. Middle left are blue rhinestone bows, they are super simple but so cute! Middle right are cute little fish with black rhinestones! Then on bottom is my anklet. I was worried about ordering this because I have big ankles so I was super relived when I got it and it was actually very big, almost to big. But it is very cute with rhinestones and dangling heart rhinestones. This is super cute, but compaired to the earrings and bracelet this item feels very cheap. Still can’t complain though for $1.

 This is a necklace I got. I thought it was just too cute, but unfortunatly I got it and it was soo tiny. It literally was choking me when I put it on. I ended up giving it to my 9 year old niece though and she loved it!

  These are the lippies I ordered. Starting from left to right.
Kleancolor everlasting lipstick in 712 redwood. This color was nice, it would be a good everyday color. I think the packaging is very cute.
Santee moisture lipstick, it doesn’t have a color name on it, but it’s a very weird coral pink color. I love the color swatched but on my lips it looks super weird like a ’90s Barbie pink.

Amuse color change magic lipstick in #4 (red). This is a very hot pink color. Cute packaging. It has an odd waxy feel to it.

Amuse color change magic lipstick in #5 (blue). I wanted to try two different colors, but honestly this one is a very similar color to number 4.

Starry sweet candy #5 matte lipstick. Very bright red, to bright for my personal taste, but a pretty color.

Starry vivid pink #4 matte lipstick. This one looks orange on my lips. Very bright like the other one.

Elf strawberry cream “soothing lip balm”. This is a terrible product. It is super waxy and messy, it feels like slop on my lips, then it starts to burn/tingle. Literally throwing this away, I only kept it this long for a review.

Beauty treats bliss balm #4. This is actually my favorite lipstick purchase from missa, it is a perfect everyday color, more of a tinted Chapstick than a lipstick (similar to the baby lips ones). My only complaint is that if I put this in my pocket or purse it pushes the product up. Very disappointed in the packaging .

I didn’t save it long enough for this post, but I also got the elf liquid lipstick in rasberry color and wow it was terrible. The color was like a dark brown not at all how it looked in the pictures online.
Overall I felt like the colors where all a lot different in real life than on the website. Bummer.

These mascaras are by Kleancolor; the top is baby got volume, middle is baby got high definition, and the bottom is baby got waterproof (mascara). I have not used the waterproof one yet, but I have used the other two. I felt like they both looked great when first applied (but very messy to apply, especially baby got high definition). But as the day went on it was like I wasn’t wearing any mascara.. My lashes left super soft while wearing these, so I’m thinking they jus don’t harden up enough to hold the shape? The up side is they both washed off super easy, no messy raccoon eyes when I got out of the shower, and it didn’t turn my under my eyes black throughout the day either.

These are the Kleancolor Frameous Lash mascaras. I was very intrigued by these, so I had to get all three. Top is jojoba oil, middle is avacado sees oil, and bottom is aloe Vera oil. I have only used the Jojoba oil one, it was nice, but I left like all it did was color my lashes black. It didn’t give any noticeable length, volume, or anything like that (which it doesn’t claim to, it just claims to moisturize). It does smell amazing, like candy. Also I really like the packaging, it’s a really cool matte finish.

These are also by Kleancolor, they are the Girls Talk ones. I got the volumizing (top) and lengthening (bottom) they also have a waterproof one in Girls Talk, but it was sold out when I ordered. I have not tried these ones yet.**I have tried the voluminous mascara (pink tube) and it is my favorite so far that I have from missa. It doesn’t run under my eyes, it holds the shape of them good, and washes of very nicely (no panda eyes) literally I just run my eyes with my hands in the shower and it comes off and rinses away. Really liking this.

The last mascara I got is called Starry mascara. I haven’t tried this one either, but for a dollar I couldn’t really pass up any of the mascaras.

This is the Kleancolor fresh answer compact foundation with SPF 15. I got the color apricot beige and I really like it I think it matches my skin tone well, and doesn’t make my face look dried out and powdery like some powder foundations do. It does have a weird gritty texture (which you can see better in the small bottom left picture) not sure what that’s from, I just found it strange. But I love the huge mirror, and the packaging is really nice, and I love the soft feeling of the powder when I put it on.

These are just some random items I picked up. Too left is a retractable eyebrow pencil in light brown by Kleancolor. The pencil is on one end with a comb on the other end. Bottom left is the Kleancolor American Eyecon eyebrow palette (light brown?). It has a lighter and a darker brow powder, and a clear wax, and a little brush, and a little comb. I can’t really review these items because I don’t know how to do my eyebrows, but the packaging on this item is not great. The little brushes won’t stay in their spot, so they just rattle around the package. Bottom right is just a white eyeliner by l.a colors. I’ve just always wanted one of these. Too right shows the eyebrow pencil and white eyeliner swatched.

These are the eyeshadows I purchased, on the very top is a l.a colors jumbo eye pencil, in bronze shimmer (I think this is the product I wanted in rose gold but they where sold out). Then the middle is an l.a colors eyeshadow pallet called unforgettable. Bottom picture is the swatches, first on th left is the eye pencil, then the pallet colors all in order. The powder shadows are pretty messy, and very shimmery, but I like them. The white one and the light pink one you really can’t see, the middle one is my favorite to just wear all over my lid for everyday, and the other two are pretty dark for my taste, but can be blended out to a pretty color. Cheap packaging, but I do like the length of the applicator brush it came with.

This is the last thing that I ordered, some cute headbands in different colors with flowers on them. It came with 6 (for $1!!!) but I gave my mom the peachy/orange one. These type of headbands always slide off my head, but I think these are really pretty, just nice to have around from when I do face masks or stuff outdoors and just want my hair out of my face.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the items I ordered, it’s cool just to be able to get all of these things so inexpensive to be able to try out different things. I will definatly be ordering from shopmissa again. Next item I will be more mindful of the colors of lippies I order. Check them out if you haven’t already!***UPDATE 4-19-16 now that I’ve had a chance to try most of my products and get a feel for them I probably will not be ordering from miss a again. All of the lipsticks I got looked different in person than they did in the pictures from the website. The only mascara I like is the girls talk volumizing one (still haven’t tried the lengthening girls talk one, or the other oil ones). The earrings are really big and not so nice for everyday wear, except the fishy ones. So basically these are the products I liked -girls talk volumizing mascara -fish earrings -headbands -eyeshadow -powder foundation. I am very glad I tried out this website and I do think they have some nice products, I wont be ordering again at least until I find 30 more items I want (so I can get free shipping) which isn’t likely to happen soon since they sell out of most of the good stuff really fast. Not a bad site if you are wanting to try out some new products on the cheap, (like I got to try out the eyebrow items and find that i like my eyebrows just the way they are).