Acnefree 3-in-1 acne wipes

This is my review of the Acnefree energizing 3-in-1 acne wipes. I saw these at dollar tree and decided to try them out because I thought they would be similar to the clearasil acne wipes. They aren’t. They claim to cleanse, treat, and energize, and come in a nice iced orange and mint scent. They are oil free, but they leave a very gross, soapy, sticky, slimmy feel on my skin. I honestly hate the way these feel, I can’t even judge weather or not they work for acne because I haven’t used them often enough. They do contain 0.5% salicylic acid for acne treatment. I just wish they wherent so nasty feeling. The pack came with 30 large wipes, I bought them over 6 months ago and still have almost the whole pack left.